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The Squealer attempts to bring the most useful functionality to you within your text editor without having to navigate through Windows Explorer. However, there are plenty of times when you need to use Windows Explorer, like using TortoiseCVS to commit all the files in a directory, see a graphical diffs, change file attributes, etc.

The problem with Windows Explorer is it takes so much time to drill down into a deep directory structure when you find it, and it gets difficult to remember where you put all your files when you're working on a few different tasks. Hence the Squealer's name-based searching. Anyhow, if you select -o you can open a Windows Explorer window for your current file with the filename already selected for you! You can also do a regular search and The Squealer will open the directory for the file you select (without loading the file itself), hit F3 and type

    $ -o -dir queries                   Shows the files in the "queries" directory. 
                                        Select one and Explorer will open for you. 
                                        If all the files are members of the same 
                                        directory it will automatically open.