Version 1.42

The Importance
of Impatience
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Feature List

  1. Load File By Name. Find and load any file by name or part of its name or even by directory name
  2. Load File From Anywhere. Load a file from log statements, Java stack trace, Struts actions, etc.
  3. Load File From CVS. Load the latest version of your file from CVS
  4. Grep. Grep for Perl regular expression matches in your files with "windowed" results
  5. Explorer Open. Open new Windows Explorer window in directory for your file
  6. Load Code By Name. Load any Java, C/C++, Javascript, SQL definition by name
  7. Code Describer. Multi-language code summary, e.g. Java class methods
  8. Code Quality Check. Java code quality check with configurable rules and clickable results
  9. Tail File. Efficient tail of large our log files
  10. Tail File From Last Occurrence. Tail from matched Perl regular expression searched backwards through log file
  11. CVS Integration. CVS Edit, Unedit, Diff, History and Commit from inside your editor.
  12. Accessor Method Generator. Generates get/set methods for your Java classes
  13. ValueObject Generator. Generates Value Objects from your SQL queries
  14. Group Files Into Projects. Perform all Squealer functions on a defined group of files
  15. Instant Java Help. Winhelp versions of J2SE and J2EE Javadoc
  16. History of Commands. Re-run any of your previous Squealer commands