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Command History

Since we're so lazy we added a history feature that's similar to the basic functionality you get in the UNIX ksh or csh. Every time you run a command that goes through The Squealer, it adds it to the history file as a numbered command. You can recall your previous commands, rerun one by number and there's a shortcut to rerun the last command.

One side effect of history commands is seen when running grep commands through the history feature. The Squealer will redirect all results from the historical grep command to the squealerResults.txt file and auto-load it (i.e. it defaults the -tofile option).


Hit F3 and type:

    -r              Recalls the last 20 commands. Re-run one by entered it's number.
    -r 40           Recalls the last 40 commands. Re-run one by entered it's number.
    !!              Re-run last command.
    !43             Re-run command number 43.