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The Squealer

The Squealer can be used in two main ways: in a single-user environment, or for a team environment.

Single User Environment

This is where all the Squealer files are installed on the user's local machine and are not shared with any other user either over the network or using source control.
  1. Install Perl 5.8. Squealer uses some modules from the most recent Perl release, so you will need the 5.8 release to get these. You can download the Windows install from ActiveState.
  2. Next, extract the Squealer release ZIP file to a chosen home directory, say C:\work\squealer.
  3. Configure squealer.conf.
  4. Setup your text editor with the standard Squealer commands.
  5. Install a CVS client (like TortoiseCVS) and put cvs.exe on your PATH for CVS integration (using
  6. Load the Squealer Dictionaries (F3, then enter -load). More detail on the different dictionaries is available.

Team Environment

The installation for a team environment involves all the steps for a single-user install, except that all the core Squealer files are added to the team source control repository, e.g. CVS. All that is needed for a new user is to update their CVS Squealer module and configure their text editor with the standard or team-modified Squealer commands.