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The Squealer
Load Dictionaries

The Squealer is optimised to use a index of your files and tags for its searches. This makes the searches much quicker, though it means that one or more dictionary files must be kept up-to-date. The Squealer uses three dictionaries:

  1. File Dictionary (squealerFiles.txt) This file holds a list all the possible files the Squealer will search through.
  2. Tag Dictionary (tags). This file holds all method, function, field definitions.
  3. Struts Dictionary (squealerStruts.txt). This file holds all action and form definitions for all Struts objects.

Reload All Dictionaries

    $ -load         or          -l (short-hand)

Reload File Dictionary

This reloads the file list that is the core to squealer file matching. It also refreshes the Struts dictionary. The more often new files are added to your source, the more often you'll need to update this.

    $ -loadfiles

Reload Tag Dictionary

This reloads the tag list that is central to squealer method matching and grepping. Again, the more new method, fields, etc. that are added the more frequently you will need to update this. Since it is line number based, it is a good idea to schedule this update so your line jumping does not get too far out of whack.

    $ -loadmethods