Version 1.42

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UltraEdit Configuration
UltraEdit is capable of external "tool" support (though seemingly limited to a maximum of 10 so choose your favourites carefully) and built-in support for ctags (v nice).

Standard UltraEdit Tools

KeystrokeTool Description
F1Edit Me CVS edit currently open file
Shift F1Unedit Me CVS unedit currently open file
Shift F2Commit Me CVS commit currently open file
F3Squealer Basic Squealer command prompt. Used for any commands, but especially loading files, reloading dictionaries and changing project.
Shift F3Explorer Open Open Windows Explorer window in directory of currently open file.
F4Code Describer Describe currently open file.
Ctrl F4Code Check Run Code Quality check on currently open file.
F7Grep Grep for a specified regular expression pattern in specified files.
F9Load File Load file from using current line as source input to find filename on.
Alt AGenerate Bean Code generation of accessor methods (get/set) for currently selected Java class fields (or whole file if none selected).

Manual Setup