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The Squealer
Load File From Anywhere

Why should you only be able to load a file based typing its name in? Filenames exist throughout your system. Very often you want to point-and-click straight into a file from your system log files. Or to navigate through your Struts form definition, action definition, and action class.

The Squealer allows you to load a file (and line number) from an arbitrary regular expression. So any line in any file that contains a file path or even just part of a filename can be used to load a file.

This allows to you to point and click a line (F9 actually) and load the file, perhaps at the correct line number if this is available. Support currently exists for:

  1. Loading from any file with full filepath in it
  2. Loading from the Squealer Results file (for example, if history is chosen)
  3. Loading Java files from Java exception stack traces
  4. Loading files from debug log statements
  5. Loading Struts form definitions
  6. Loading Struts action handler classes
  7. Loading Struts action input JSPs