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Loading a File

Finding your files quickly is one of the core key features of The Squealer. In fact, it was the primary reason why it was created and the first major feature. A dictionary of your project files are maintained which once indexed, allow you to load files by the filename, part of the filename or even the directory name. Chosen files will be loaded straight into your favourite editor.

Try it out by hitting F3 and enter part of a filename. If there's more than one result you'll get a choice otherwise it will load immediately. If you want to load multiple files, then just enter more than one number.


Hit F3 to run any of the examples below.

Partial filename match

    $ bag                  Loads "" straight into textpad
    $ dao                  Gives choice of "" and ""
    $ personaldet          Gives choice of "displayPersonalDetails.jsp", 
                                          "", etc.
    $ selector             Gives choice of all files with selector in name.

Exact filename match

    $             Loads "" straight into textpad
    $ fe_ref_selector.sql  Loads "fe_ref_selector.sql" straight into textpad

Filename and file type match

    $ -jsp fee             Loads those .jsp files with "fee" in part of their name
    $ -java facade         Gives choice of all java facade beans
    $ -sql selector        Loads those .sql files with "selector" in part of their name

Filename and directory name match

    $ -view loan           Gives choice of views with "loan" in filename
    $ -dir selector        Gives choice of all files belonging to DB Selector
    $ -dir web fee         More verbose version of "-web fee"