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Log Files

Log files present two problems: they are dynamic and text editors keep reloading the content as you view it (but they take ages to load because they are so large).

The Squealer deals with both of these problems by giving you an efficient tail (with -tail) of large files that automatically dumps the results into a temporary file (done implicitly if doing a tail, though any file can be loaded as a temporary file using -tempfile) so it will not be updated. It can also be configured to add your application servers' log directories to the file dictionary (including UNC paths to your application servers on the network).

It also supports reverse matching combined with tailing, for example to find the last 1000 lines from the last exception. See -tailfrom option.



    $ -log server                         
                        Gives choice of all the "server" log files
    $ -log server.log                     
                        Gives choice of all the "server.log" files
    $ -log -dir enterprise server           
                        Gives choice of all the ENTERPRISE "server" log files
    $ -tail -dir enterprise server.log
                       Loads 1000 lines tailed from ENTERPRISE's "server.log"
                       straight into your editor.
    $ -tail 5 -dir enterprise server.log
                       Loads 5000 lines tailed from ENTERPRISE's "server.log"
                       straight into your editor.

Tail from Last Occurrence

    $ -tailfrom lastx server.log
                       Loads 1000 lines from last exception in chosen server.log
    $ -tailfrom FailedToSendEmailException -tail 5 server.log
                       Loads 5000 lines from last occurence of
                       "FailedToSendEmailException" straight into your editor.